The Norwegian Oil and Gas Association’s project team

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Primary goal: avoid major accidents
The industry is constantly working purposefully to avoid major accidents on the Norwegian continental shelf.Tasks
The project will assess the need to develop new methods, standards and equipment:

- to prevent similar accidents

- to prevent and limit the consequences of oil spills from subsea blowouts.

Broad dialogue
The project holds regular meetings with the Petroleum Safety Authority Norway (PSA) and the unions.

Mandate and approach
The action team from the Norwegian Oil and Gas Association is led by Olav Skotheim from Statoil. Its other members are qualified people in various areas from the companies.

The goal of the work is to prevent similar accidents on the NCS and, should an incident nevertheless occur, to come up with methods to limit the damage.

This work is being coordinated with international initiatives, such as the work under way in the International Organisation for Oil and Gas Producers (OGP) and Oil & Gas UK.

The action team bases its work on the investigation reports concerning the Macondo accident which have already been published or are in the pipeline.

The main reports
- BP’s own investigation report, published in December 2010. 
This has been reviewed by the team, which has made recommendations on that basis to the industry.

- The report from the presidential commission of inquiry, published January 2011. 
Under consideration by the project.

- Report from the US Coast Guard. Expected in March 2011.

- Report from the US Chemical Safety Board, expected publication in 2012.


Report - Summary of differences between offshore drilling regulations in Norway and U.S. Gulf of Mexico.pdf

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