Dropped objects project – background and purpose

Background photo

Reverse the negative trend for dropped objects.

The Norwegian Oil and Gas Association’s goal is to reduce such incidents by 50 per cent from 2008 to the end of 2011.

Starting point:
-   2008 – 167 incidents (50 per cent = 84)
-   2009 – 192
-   2010 – 119 (Jan-Sep)

Bring together qualified people in a working party with the mandate to propose effective measures to the oil industry. The gas leak reduction project has been used as a template for the work.

Earlier efforts
The working party quickly saw that a lot of work had already been done on the issue of dropped objects. Results from these efforts need to be adopted.

-   Working Together for Safety

-    best practice developed for preventing dropped objects

-    handbook on best practice for preventing dropped objects

-   Functional requirements for visualised inspection systems

-   Dropped objects prevention scheme (Drops)

-   Programmes and initiatives pursued by individual companies

Challenges in the work
The working party devoted a good deal of time initially to selecting the appropriate methodology.

It started by analysing statistics and incidents in order to identify underlying causes as the basis for proposing measures.

This has been done before, and the industry is still struggling to come up with effective responses.