Geodata Trade

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Geodata Trade Norwegian Oil and Gas
A resource for the oil companies, providing a good quality and cost-efficient service. Ensures that all data owners benefit as equal as possible from the trades they participate in.

The objective is to ensure best possible flow of data between all oil companies on the Norwegian Continental Shelf by centralized administration of the data exchange process.

The agreement regarding use of a Trade Operator is defined in the Joint Operating Agreement (JOA), article 26. In accordance, a contract is established between the individual production license and the Trade Operator.

The License Management Committee (MC) selects the Trade Operator on the first License MC meeting. There can only be one Trade Operator for the License. The Trade Operator shall be notified as soon as possible.

The Norwegian Oil Companies' Scout Group (NOSG)
The objective of NOSG is to exchange scouting information, to streamline the data exchange between the companies and to execute special projects within this area of co-operation.

The NOSG is open to participation from oil companies, members of the Norwegian Oil and Gas Association.

NOSG website (requires access)