Launching of Collabor8 – Information sharing in the energy industry

We are happy to announce that we have gathered our various digital tools and collaboration services under one common umbrella, namely Collabor8, being a trademark registered by Norwegian Oil and Gas.
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Collabor8 is built on the successful legacy of the EPIM joint industry collaboration, merged into Norwegian Oil and Gas 1 July 2019.
The whole portfolio of services has undergone a re-branding process, both in terms of appearance and content.

Why are we doing this?

  • To provide our service portfolio with its own identity, supporting further strengthening of our message as a non-profit based enabler for more efficient information sharing between operators, partners, authorities, suppliers, and other parties in the industry
  • To allow industry stakeholders to share ideas and enable innovation
  • To make it easier for stakeholders to get insight into the complete service portfolio, and the various ongoing initiatives
  • To be an enabler for harvesting synergies across the Collabor8 service portfolio

What does this mean in practice?

  • A new common graphical profile on all services
  • Launching of as the portfolio's new information portal where we gather all relevant information about our various service offering
  • Updated service- and privacy terms (primarily cosmetic), moved to new resources and
  • New names for all services (current/old name in brackets):
    • Collabor8 API module for cash call and billing (Digital Standard for Cash calls and Billings)
    • Collabor8 ILAP (ILAP Schedule Exchange)
    • Collabor8 License2Share (License2Share)
    • Collabor8 EqHub (EqHub)
    • Collabor8 Logistics Development
    • Collabor8 ERA Acute (ERA Acute Software)
    • Collabor8 Loop (Surplus Marketplace)
    • Collabor8 Footprint (EnvironmentHub)
    • Collabor8 Magnet JQS (EPIM JQS)
    • Collabor8 GSTR (GSTR)
    • Collabor8 SOIL (SOIL)
    • Collabor8 Guide to Resource Regulations (Guide to Resource Regulations – Good Governance)
    • Collabor8 SubQuip (SubQuip)
    • Collabor8 Subsurface (ReportingHub)
    • Collabor8 Hello (EPIM ID)
    • Collabor8 TIRC (TIRC)
    • Collabor8 HuRi (HuRi)
    • Collabor8 Virtual Inventory (Virtual Inventory)

More detailed service specific information will be issued separately for each service to ensure service users and other relevant service contacts points receive all relevant and required information.