Extension of validity on security and emergency preparedness courses ceases November 1st

Harald Pettersen, Equinor

From November 1st, 2020, the extension of validity of security and emergency preparedness courses will cease.

This means that offshore rotation personnel who have been granted validity must have a valid course by November 1st. Personnel who fall under the "8-year rule" (ref. Sec. 3.3 Guideline 002) may in the period until November 1st conduct Basic Safety Training - Refresher Course.

It is urged to enroll personnel on training now to avoid the accumulation of personnel who must conduct training. Training providers who deliver Norwegian oil and gas safety- and emergency preparedness training have good capacity and have implemented infection control measures.

The Norwegian Oil and Gas Recommended Guidelines 002 - requirements for safety and emergency training with corresponding training curriculum will apply from November 1st.