Pay talks 2016

Dates for the talks
18-20 May                 Land base agreements

23-25 May                 Land agreements

30 May-1 June          Offshore agreements

6-8 June                     Oil service agreements (OSA)

Dates for the mediations
16-17 June               Land base agreements

30 June-1 July         Offshore agreements

6 July                         Well service agreement

20 September          Oil service agreement

6 October                 Land agreement (Safe)


Strike over: Norwegian Oil and Gas and Industry Energy reach accord on the oil service agreement (October 11)
Agreement reached with Safe (October 7)
Mediation with Safe over oil agreement (October 6)
350 laid off by oil service strike
(September 28)
An unnecessary strike (September 21)
Mediation with Industry Energy over oil service agreement
(September 20)
Mediation for land employees in Safe (September 8)
Talks break down over oil service agreement (July 7)
Agreement reached with Safe on well service agreement
(July 6)
Mediation with Safe over well service agreement
(July 6)
Agreement on the offshore settlement (July 2)
Mediation under way on offshore settlement (June 30)
Agreement reached on land base settlement (June 18)
Mediation under way on land base settlement (June 16)
Unions take different tacks on talks
(June 7)
Talks start on oil service agreements (June 6)
Talks break down on offshore agreements(May 30)
Agreement reached with land employees
(May 24)
Talks start for land employees
(May 23)
Land base talks break down 
(19 May)
Challenging pay talks for land bases
(18 May)
Pay talks start 18 May (16 May)
Pay negotiations postponed (1 May)
Pay talks start 2 May (29 April)