Coal pollutes four times more than gas


According to new estimates coal pollutes four times more than gas when coal power is compared with gas for heating.

We know that coal emits twice as much CO2 as gas. However, the result changes substantially if coal power is compared with gas for heating according to new calculations from Thema Consulting Group. This is mostly due to the energy loss in the coal power plant.

Is it meaningful to compare electricity and gas for heating to consumers? Do they have different range of use?

We use the gas mostly for heating in homes and this reduces power need. Gas is also used for the same purposes as supplied with power, especially cooking. The market now offers gas fired micro CHP systems. This is a small fuel cell or a heat engine driving a generator which provides electric power and heat for an individual building's heating, ventilation, and air conditioning. Micro CHP is also applicable with and is an in-house power backup for solar PV. 

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