The Norwegian Oil and Gas Associatio works to increase the number of children and young people studying scientific and technological subjects, and to ensure the availability of good skilled workers.

Its recruitment efforts aim to highlight work done on expertise in a way which means that young people find such courses interesting. The Norwegian Oil and Gas Associatio also seeks to highlight that they can lead to a job in the oil and gas industry.

These efforts have a broad target audience, and is directed at young people, their parents, teachers, advisers, students and study consultants.

Thanks to Norway’s knowledge promotion drive, working life has become a school subject. The Norwegian Oil and Gas Associatio develops materials for use in regular lessons in the elective programme for secondary schools and with in-depth study projects at colleges of further education.

Website for youngsters
The Norwegian Oil and Gas Associatio has established the Norwegian website (world class - Norwegian only) to give pupils, teachers and advisers an additional resource in their daily work.

This site contains relevant material for such subjects as the elective programme, in-depth study projects and the traditional sciences. It also functions as a guide for many of the careers offered by the industry.