The committee external environment


The Committee External Environment will work to ensure that the petroleum activities in Norway are conducted in accordance with high environmental standards, and in such a manner that environmental issues do not prevent access to new exploration areas, development in areas governed by licenses or restrict recovery of resources from existing fields.

The Committee shall look after and promote the member companies' joint interests within the external environment area. The work is to be based on Norwegian Oil and Gas Association's by-laws, strategy and main tasks, and shall be goal-oriented and performance-oriented.

The Committee shall:
- map and propose solutions that eliminate potential damage to marine life and the food chains with particular focus on produced water and special challenges in the northern sea areas.
- meet the industry's challenges as regards limiting emissions to air with particular focus on CO2
- prepare environmental analyses and discharge/emission reports of a high professional standard
- work to ensure framework conditions, the use of policy instruments and industry practice that lead to the greatest possible cost-effectiveness in the environmental measures
- establish good dialogue arenas with all stakeholders and communicate clear industry viewpoints in relation to vital issues

Within the said areas, the committee shall through interdisciplinary and active cooperation with other committees and in close dialogue with the administration:
- initiate, implement and follow up joint viewpoints and strategies, and
- raise joint issues vis-à-vis the authorities and other business and industry organizations.