Safety and emergency response training

The network for safety and emergency response training (NSOB) comprises personnel from the Norwegian Oil and Gas' member companies, the unions and the Norwegian Shipowners Association. This page provides information the group’s mandate, composition and scope.

The NSOB works to

- prepare and maintain an overview of the quality of schools and curricula, and update lists of approved training centres

-  audit and inspect training centres

- update and improve teaching plans for basic and advanced safety and emergency response training

- participate in efforts to harmonise training standards in the North Sea

- maintain Norwegian Oil and Gas' guidelines for safety and emergency response training.

Important notice:
Please be informed that Norwegian Oil and Gas does not approve any training providers outside of Norway. 

Training providers who offer Norwegian Oil and Gas certification following their basic offshore safety and emergency training) and the refresher courses are not in any way endorsed by Norwegian Oil and Gas.

Norwegian Oil and Gas certificates issued by such providers will not be valid in Norway.

However exceptions are made according to the mutual agreement between Oil and Gas UK, Nogepa, Danish Operators and Norwegian Oil and Gas.